North Congregational Church
Woodbury, Connecticut

North Church Events

       We have had quite some fun here at North Church over the past few months.
Below are a few pictures to give you an idea of the "Going's On" here at North Church.




              This is a typical Sunday...after the service we all gather to chat in the Parlor...come join us!!!



The North Congregational Church members gathered for a special Prayer Partner Tea hosted by the NCC Outreach at the Leidel's home
in Woodbury on Sunday, May 31st.    The Prayer Partner Program consists of NCC members who are partnered with students of the
Nambale Magnet School in Kenya.  The school is one of the church's outreach missions. 
In celebration of all the prayer partners and students, the event included song, prayer and a balloon send off just before the storm
on Sunday, May 31st and concluded with tea and treats.
Suzanne Jenny (photographer not shown)
Susan Hyde-Wick (not shown), Pastor Sandy Koenig, Susan Koenig, Laura Hawlena, Victor Leidel, Violet Leidel, Linda Leidel, Lauren D'Amato, Sandy Snabaitis,
Cindi Hughes, Cathy McMullin, Eve Alire Bartlett, Charles Bartlett, Steve Lewis, Suzanne Fairclough, David Sonnemann


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