North Congregational Church
Woodbury, Connecticut

About North Congregational Church

North Congregational Church

sits majestically upon a knoll overlooking
North Green in historic Woodbury, Connecticut.
As with most New England churches, it is bursting with tradition and history.

  We embrace those traditions as we enjoy today's work and missions and look forward to the new tomorrow.

   The undeniable strength of North Church is our members and our relationship with God, relationships we share with each other, and the deep love we have for our church. We are truly one strong family, passionately working together to foster the spirit of Christ in our lives, our community and beyond.   

  Our white New England church structure is quite appealing. But it is our uniquely bonded church family inside that structure that makes us who we are. Our church family welcomes you to read our web pages in hopes you will want to meet us and join our family of faith.



February Sunset Photo by John Wick

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